Granulate sizes

Liaflor is available in various granulate sizes for different areas of application. All granulate sizes can be generally used in any area. The various granulate sizes can also be mixed with each other. Our recommendations to make things easier for beginners:

  • 15-25 mm for the planting of larger plant pots (above a diameter of approx. 25 cm) on patios and in outdoor areas.
  • 8-16 mm for planting medium-sized plant pots (12-19 cm diameter, larger growing containers and ground planters (1-2 square metres).
  • 4-8 mm for growing young plants or seedlings as well as for planting table pots.
  • 1-4 mm for sowing and growing seedlings in small plant pots (5-7 cm diameter) as well as for smaller decorative planting in indoor areas.