Best Quality by best features.

Liaflor Hydroculture is a pure and high-quality natural product manufactured by Liapor. The reddish-brown ceramic and purely mineral clay granulate is manufactured in an environmentally friendly process and does not pollute the environment when disposed of. The clay is expanded whilst it is fired at 1200 °C in a rotary kiln and then screened out. This makes it a unique quality product with optimum properties and specific benefits, such as its low weight, high water retention and durability as well as its good root grip. The terracotta-coloured spheres also convey a modern ambience and Mediterranean flair.

 Benefits of Liaflor Hydroculture:

  • Targeted watering thanks to an integrated water gauge
  • Clean and odourless
  • No opportunity for soil-borne pests
  • Ideal plant growth
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Convenient and efficient fertilisation